Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 Reports ( Kerala , Mollywood)

Here we are daily updates List of all Kerala, Mollywood, and Box Office collections 2024 for all Malayalam movies in 2022-2024 including Tamil Nadu Box Office, Kerala Box Office, and Karnataka Box Office. This list was last updated on Apr 12, 2024. This list contains only Gross worldwide Collections it also includes overseas collections. Check – Tollywood Box Office collection report 2024

Latest Malayalam Box Office Collection Report (Mollywood) – 12-04-2024

Movie NameGross Worldwide Box Office CollectionBudget (Cost+ P&A)Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)
Aavesham10.1 Crore55 Crore
The Goat Life125 Crore80 Crore
Manjummel Boys200 Crore21 CroreBlockbuster
Bramayugam60 Crore15 CroreSuper Hit
Premalu114 Crore9 CroreBlockbuster
Anweshippin Kandethum18 Crore8 CroreHit
Malaikottai Vaaliban24.8 Crore50 CroreFlop
Abraham Ozler18 Crore12 CroreHit
Salaar624 Crore400 CroreHit
Salaar (Kerala)16.5 Crore400 CroreHit
Neeru85 Crore12 CroreSuper Hit
Antony10.09 Crore8 CroreAverage
Antony10 Crore8 CroreAverage
Kaathal The Core12 Crore8 CroreHit
Falimy15.4 Crore12 CroreHit
Garuda28 Crore8 CroreHit
Leo586 Crore285 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Leo (Kerala)59.05 Crore285 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Kannur Squad80 Crore18 CroreSuper Hit
Mark Antony100.1 Crore28 CroreSuper Hit
Mark Antony (Kerala)5 Crore28 CroreAverage
Jawaan (World)1006 Crore300 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
King Of Kotha35 Crore60 CroreFlop
Jailer598 Crore200 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Jailer (Kerala)54.7 Crore200 CroreBlockbuster
Voice Of Sathyanathan20.95 Crore8 CroreHit
Maaveeran80 Crore85 CroreAverage
Maaveeran (Kerala)1.5 Crore85 CroreFlop
Padmini1.5 Crore8 CroreFlop
Journey of Love 185.4 Crore8 CroreFlop
Madhura Manohara Moham10 Crore8 CroreHit
Maamannan57.4 Crore25 CroreHit
Maamannan (Kerala)2.9 Crore25 CroreFlop
Dhoomam6.2 Crore8 CroreFlop
Por Thozhil28 Crore8 CroreSuper Hit
Adipurush (Kerala)2 Crore500 CroreFlop
Adipurush371 Crore500 CroreFlop
2018181 Crore24 CroreBlock Buster
Kerala Story  235.48 Crore28 CroreBlock Buster
PS 2 (Kerala)19.5 Crore250 CroreHit
Pachuvum Athbhuthavilakkum10 Crore12 CroreFlop
PS 2341.95 Crore250 CroreHit
Neelavelicham1.75 Crore6 CroreFlop
Vidhuthalai (Kerala)1.5 Crore25 CroreHit
Pathu Thala (Kerala) 0.5 Crore35 CroreFlop
Dasara (Kerala) 0.65 Crore85 CroreFlop
Kabzaa (Kerala)0.5 Crore120 CroreFlop
Romancham68.21 Crore6 CroreSuper Hit
Christopher 10.4 Crore8 CroreAverage
Alone1.4 Crore8 CroreFlop
Thankam4.1 Crore8 CroreFlop
Malikkapuram46.85 Crore12 CroreSuper Hit
Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam6.6 Crore4 CroreHit
Varisu299.18 Crore260 CroreHit
Thunivu 201.09 Crore200 CroreHit
Varisu (Kerala)11.9 Crore260 CroreHit
Thunivu (Kerala) 3.85 Crore200 CroreFlop
Kaapa18.5 Crore14 CroreAverage
Avatar 2 (Kerala)22.14 Crore200 CroreHit
Gold12.18 Crore10 CroreAverage
Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey43.55 Crore10 CroreSuper Hit
Mukundan Unni Associates5 Crore6 CroreFlop
Kooman14.75 Crore8 CroreHit
Saturday Night2.05 Crore15 CroreFlop
Monster9.8 Crore20 CroreFlop
Padavettu4.25 Crore18 CroreFlop
Rorschach39.5 Crore20 CroreHit
PS1 491.85 Crore250 CroreBlockbuster
PS1 (Kerala)23.15 Crore250 CroreBlockbuster
Naane Varuvean (Kerala)0.85 Crore45 CroreFlop
Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu (Kerala)2 Crore40 CroreFlop
Pathonpatham Noottandu10 Crore20 CroreFlop
Brahmastra (Kerala)4.1 Crore410 CroreFlop
PalthuJanwar10 Crore8 CroreHit
Cobra(All Languages)67.2 Crore90 CroreFlop
Thallumalla47.65 Crore20 CroreHit
Theerppu1.9 Crore15 CroreFlop
NnaThaanCaseKodu34.01 Crore5 CroreSuper Hit
Liger ( All Languages) 70.34 Crore110 CroreDisaster
Pappan30.75 Crore15 CroreHit
Sita Ramam (Malayalam )8.5 Crore30 CroreHit
Sita Ramam (All Languages)97.38 Crore30 CroreHit
Vikrant Rona (Malayalam)1.76 Crore95 CroreFlop
Vikrant Rona (All Languages)113.9 Crore95 CroreAverage
Malayankunju13.42 Crore10 CroreHit
Mahaveeryar7.17 Crore10 CroreFlop
Kaduva50.75 Crore20 CroreHit
Rocketery32.75 Crore60 CroreFlop
Vikram 447.65 Crore150 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
CBI 5: The Brain37 Crores15 CroresFlop
Jana Gana Mana51.8 Crores15 CroresBlockbuster
Jo and Jo25 Crores12 CroresHit
KGF Chapter 21235 Crore100 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
James94.2 Crores55 CroresHit
Bheeshma Parvam122.2 Crores15 CroresBlockbuster
Super Sharanya23 Crores15 CroresHit
Aaraattu20.15 Crores20 CroresFlop
Hridayam53.1 Crores17 CroresBlockbuster
Don 113.56 Crore50 CroreSuper Hit
Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal64.1 Crore40 CroreHit
Beast 237.05 Crore150 CroreSuper Hit
RRR 1151 Crore600 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Etharkkum Thunindhavan103.42 Crore75 CroreHit
Valimai200.25 Crore150 CroreSuper Hit
Pushpa 352 Crore180 CroreSuper Hit
Kurup112 Crore35 CroreSuper Hit

Highest Grossing Malyalam Movies by Worldwide Box Office  Collection (All Time)

Movie NameBox Office Collection Gross
Lucifer215 Crore
2018181 Crore
Pulimurugan152 Crore
Bheeshma Parvam 122 Crore
Mamangam121 Crore
Kayamkulam Kochunni120 Crore
Kurup112 Crore
Drishyam90 Crore
Premam75 Crore
Two Countries65 Crore

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  • It only includes box office data for Malayalam movies.
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