Bollywood Box Office Collection 2024 Report

In this page we are daily updates the list of Bollywood Box Office collection 2024 includes all Hindi movies in 2024 This list was last updated on Apr 16, 2024. In this collection are includes only Net Collections and it doesn’t include worldwide or overseas collections. Also we are added the Telugu Movies box office collections for 2023 and 2024 also Here is the complete list.

Latest Bollywood Box Office Reports (16-04-2024)

Movie NameBox Office CollectionBudget (Cost+ P&A)Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan43.65 Crore320 Crore
Maidaan24.3 Crore90 Crore
Crew67.8 Crore60 Crore
Shaitaan140.6 Crore90 CroreHit
Madgaon Express24.6 Crore20 CroreAverage
Veer Savarkar19.5 Crore20 CroreFlop
Yodha30.6 Crore66 CroreFlop
Article 37067.48 Crore40 CroreHit
Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya78 Crore85 CroreAverage
Laapata Ladies10.84 Crore40 CroreFlop
Dune 214.44 Crore1580 CroreAverage
Crakk12.6 Crore80 CroreFlop
Fighter200.1 Crore200 CroreHit
Hanu Man (Hindi)50.76 Crore50 CroreSuper Hit
Dunki212.8 Crore200 CroreHit
Main Atal Hoon6.4 Crore25 CroreFlop
Merry Christmas16 Crore60 CroreDisaster
Salaar (Hindi)148.49 Crore80 CroreHit
Animal555.9 Crore200 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Sam Bahadur89.62 Crore65 CroreHit
The Archies2.2 Million Views45 CroreFlop
Tiger 3285.56 Crore300 CroreAverage
Joram0.34 Crore25 CroreFlop
Farrey1.95 Crore20 CroreFlop
Napoleon5.6 Crore1666 CroreFlop
Khichdi 25.2 Crore15 CroreFlop
YRF Railway Men5.2 Million Views45 CroreAverage
Shilpa’s Sukhee1.65 Crore (2.3 Million Views)25 CroreFlop
India Match2.85 Crore
12th Fail51.93 Crore25 CroreHit
Leo (Tamil)334.85 Crore285 CroreBlockbuster
Jawan (All Language)644.2 Crore300 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Jawan (Netflix)12.6 Million Views300 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Pippa3.9 Million Views65 CroreFlop
Apurva4.1 Million Views25 CroreAverage
The Marvels11.04 Crore2249 CroreFlop
Aankh Micholi1.2 Crore15 CroreFlop
Movie NameBox Office CollectionBudget (Cost+ P&A)Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)
UT690.5 Crore10 CroreFlop
The LadyKiller0.015 Crore45 CroreDisaster
Tejas5.4 Crore45 CroreDisaster
Ganpath 12.85 Crore125 CroreDisaster
Yaariyan 2 2.95 Croe45 CroreDisaster
Mission Ranganj32.96 Crore100 CroreDisaster
Fukrey 3 96.65 Crore45 CroreHit
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Re Release10 CroreAll Time Blocbuster
Thank You For Coming6.6 Crore45 CroreDisaster
Dono0.6 Crore25 CroreDisaster
Vaccine War6.45 Crore25 CroreFlop
Gadar 2526 Crore80 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Great Indian Family5.5 Crore55 CroreDisaster
Dream Girl 2100.15 Crore65 CroreHit
OMG 2149.08 Crore150 CroreAverage
Ghoomer4.03 Crore28 CroreFlop
Rocky Aur Rani 130.08 Crore180 CroreFlop
Bawaal 6.9 Million Views110 CroreAverage
Mission Impossible 7102 Crore2400 CroreSuper Hit
Oppenheimer100 Crore820 CroreSuper Hit
Satya Prem Ki Katha79.6 Crore75 CroreAverage
Barbie32.65 Crore1190 CroreHit
The Trial4.8 Million Views55 CroreAverage
Neeyat5.55 Crore35 CroreFlop
Adipurush (Hindi) 167.58 Crore500 CroreFlop
Insidious 514.11 Crore132 CroreHit
The Night Manager Part 2 5.2 Million Views85 CroreAverage
Lust Stories 2 2.9 Million Views85 CroreFlop
Indiana Jones 510.61 Crore2422 CroreFlop
1920 Horrors of Heart13.02 Crore15 Crore
Bigg Boss OTT 26.8 Million Views125 CroreAverage
Tiku Weds Sheru3.4 Million Views45 CroreFlop
The Flash27.2 Crore1809 CroreHit
Zara Hatke Zara Bachke89.28 Crore70 CroreHit
Gadar Re Release2.22 Crore19 CroreAll Time Block Buster
Bloody Daddy5.8 Million120 CroreAverage
Transformers Rise of Beasts27.4 Crore1650 CroreHit
Kerala Story238.34 Crore28 CroreBlock Buster
Asur5 Million Views40 CroreHit
Bandaa 4.1 Million Views45 CroreAverage
Spiderman Spiderverse 224.54 Crore825 CroreHit
Fast X108.85 Crore2808 CroreSuper Hit
Jogi Ra Sa Ra Ra 2.1 Crore29 CroreFlop
IB 7116.45 Crore28 CroreFlop
Guardians of Galaxy 3 51.5 Crore2042 CroreHit
Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan 112.32 Crore125 CroreFlop
Bholaa84.85 Crore100 CroreFlop
Gumraah5.8 Crore40 CroreFlop
Mario 6.71 Crore818 CroreFlop
Gaslight3.8 Million Views45 CroreFlop
Dungeons & Dragons2.25 Crore1240 CroreFlop
John Wick 438.22 Crore826 CroreHit
Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar149.05 Crore110 CroreHit
Pathaan 544.28 Crore260 CroreAll Time Block Buster
Bheed2.85 Crore35 CroreFlop
Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway18.9 Crore35 CroreFlop
Zwigato 2.44 Crore28 CroreFlop
Shazaam 2 12.94 Crore826 CroreFlop
Kabzaa50.8 Crore120 CroreFlop
Selfiee19.75 Crore110 CroreDisaster
Shehzada35.29  Crore75 CroreFlop
Gulmohar6.5 Million Views65 CroreAverage
Pathaan (World)1048 Crore260 CroreAll Time Block Buster
Antman Quantumania 55.6 Crore1656 CroreHit
The Night Manager Part 18 Million Views85 CroreHit
Farzi6.4 Million Views150 CroreAverage
DDLJ (Re-release)0.65 Crore4 CroreAll Time Block Buster
Mission Majnu2.9 Million Views52 CroreFlop
Chhatriwali1.9 Million Views28 CroreFlop
Varisu302.41 Crore260 CroreHit
Waltair Veerayya222.34 Crore140 CroreSuper Hit
Avatar 2 (India)382.64 Crore200 CroreHit
Ved 46.88 Crore15 CroreHit
Thunivu201.09 Crore200 CroreHit
Veera Simha Reddy130.55 Crore110 CroreHit
Kuttey5.25 Crore35 CroreFlop

Important Notes:

  • This list is created by gathering information from different online sources and our research team.
  • It only includes box office data for Hindi language movies.
  • The numbers shown may be approximate estimates. We cannot guarantee the data is 100% accurate. However, the figures should give a reasonable indication of how well the movies performed at the box office.